Working in a Winter Wonderland – CANADA!

Traveling is not only about the places you see – more about the people you meet!

I spent 5 months in a Skiresort in Canada to fulfil my childhood dream and live in the Rocky Mountains. With two jobs to pay my rent and save some money for further travels it was quite hard sometimes but totally worth it. I got the season pass for the Skiresort and where able to go snowboarding 5 months for free! Those months were just a blast! Time was just a vague measurement and days were passing through like clouds in the sky. With 6 workdays a week I was really busy. But I could still find enough days for riding and exploring the beautiful hikingtrails around my Skiresort. I spent my days off with my lovely housemates and friends: hockey games, hikingtrails, yogasessions, pokernights, potlucks, snowboarding until the sun goes down… so many good things to do!

The people I got to know where just awesome and I was blessed to be part of this „Mountainfamily“. I met people from all over the world a made friends for a lifetime. I learned so much about other countrys and cultures! But most important I learned a lot about myself: What are other people think about my homecountry? Who am I? What do I want in my life? Those months working and saving for my travels in Canada definitely gave me some directions in life and motivation to go to University and change some things in my life and stick to some others.

Sometimes I just wanted to press a big „STOPP-Button“ and freeze all the people and feelings around me! Put them in a little woodbox and than just someday open this collection of memories and sit in the middle and enjoy the company and the whole atmosphere again 🙂


So go out, grab your backpack and discover the beauty of our world.



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