When my brother improvised fireman

Last year (2015), I did an Erasmus in Bratislava, Slovakia. My brother and a friend came to visit me during one week. One night we went to a club.
In Bratislava, you can smoke almost everywhere: in the clubs, bars, restaurants…
We were in this club, at the bar, and a guy was stand next to us. He had an afro hair style from the 70’s, and suddenly his hair just caught on fire next to us! Like really, with flames coming out from his head (Thank you smokers!). When my brother saw him, he just tried (and he did) to stop the fire, with his hand.

Then, the guy was fine but the hand of my brother not. We started asking for help in the club. My brother was asking for “glass” (which is the word for ice cube in French…) at the bar, so they refused, obviously.

We get out of this club to find help in the street, there were no one able to give us some ice, or cream for the hand of my brother.

Desperate, we decided to go to the hospital. After struggling with the taxi, we finally get there, it was hard to explain the situation to the Slovak nurses, but they were nice. They gave him a bandage, which came off one hour later…

Anyway, we finished this night not so good, but the day after, everything was fine (including the hand of my brother).



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