Ways to travel more cheaply

travel more cheaply

Every travel passionate knows this feeling of wanting to go abroad and explore the world so badly. If there wouldn’t be this tiny little problem with the money. Especially as a student, when you’ve got the time but apparently not the money to travel the world. This can occur as a real issue.

Still there are some easy tips that can help you to fulfill your travel dreams and get cheaply to great destinations:

  • Volunteering

Have you ever thought of going abroad and simultaneously helping the local people at your destination? This can be a life changing experience, especially because you get to know a new culture in a unique and authentic way while getting in contact with a lot of people. Moreover in many cases you get free accommodation and board!

  • Work and Travel

A very popular way to travel for young people is to work abroad. This may be on local farms, in an office or as an Au pair, whatever suits best to your personality. This way you gain money, get into a different and interesting style of working, and besides get some plus points for your CV! Particularly interesting for Australia and New Zealand fans!

  • Car sharing

Share your car or benefit from other people who share theirs! It’s much more ecofriendly and a great way to learn to know other travelers or local people. To plan your trip you can check the following websites: www.compartir.org, www.erideahre.com, and www.hitchhikers.org.

  • Do what locals do

Of course it is more comfortable to visit places which tourists visit to go in the restaurants in tourist places and to shop in tourist centers.
But it is also very clear that this is neither the cheapest nor the most authentic way to get into a country. So, what to do? Talk with the locals, you will surely get some insiders’ tips. Where to go best and what are cheap must see places to visit. A little extra hint: it is always helpful to know at least a little bit of the local language. The local people will be thankful and appreciate it to help you learn to know their country!

  • Last but not least: Be prepared

It may seem boring or less adventurous. But if you prepare at least a rough travel plan and look for special offers which are cheaper when you book them early in the end you will get definitely more cheaply around and don’t lose money.

Just keep in mind: Everybody can travel, sometimes you just have to prepare a little better and think laterally. Go out and explore the world!



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