Watch out what you wish in Thailand…

My journey into Thailand

During my first long stop in Bangkok I brought a friend with me. After a long flight we arrived and we were so shocked by the chaos and bustle in Bangkok and we wanted to escape right away to a tropical island.

When we arrived at the hotel the receptionist was able to arrange a taxi to Kho Samed for us. One advice: never take a taxi at the reception in a 4 star hotel. In the end it turned out that we paid 4 times more than our colleagues who take a taxi in the street.Anyway the sea was blue, the cocktails tasted good. So we forgot the incident immediately.

In the evening we were at the beach and met a Thai beach boy named “Tiger” who was selling lucky balloons. We were both not very happy in love at the moment. Though this seemed a good plan to ask for some luck…

Tiger showed us how to write a message on the balloon and smiled to us… And we were excited watching how he tried to let go the balloon in the air, but after 3 tries it ended up being a disaster!

Try 1: the balloon wasn´t lifting off the ground

Try 2: The balloon fell after 10sec in the ocean.

Tiger was looking nervous to us.

The third and final try, the balloon went up, but flew directly into the trees and then it got stuck, after it caught fire!!

We were terrified that the whole Thai village would burn, and then we started laughing hysterically.

Tiger reaction was:

“The life of being single is beautiful”.

The village didn´t burned down after all and we’re still both (Happy) being single..

Watch out of what you wish in Thailand!!



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