Summer 2014, I went one week in holidays in Djerba (Tunisia) with a friend. When we arrived to our hotel, we’ve met a guy who was in charge of many activities on the island. We’ve booked one different activity for each day: horse riding, buoy pulled by a boat, Jet Ski …

One morning, we arrived at the beach for the Jet Ski activity, we were so excited, it was our first time. In Tunisia it is so nice because it’s really cheaper than France, we can go the speed we want and where we want as long as we see the boat.

My friend started driving on the sea and we had so much fun, perfect time.
Then the responsible from the activity lead us to a small island in the middle of the sea, wonderful. We stayed there 30 minutes, the time to enjoy the view and take some pictures.

Time to go back, I was driving the Jet Ski, when the responsible made us go slower. We didn’t really understand why we had to stop but we did.

Suddenly we spotted a dolphin! And 2, and 3… They get closer and closer of us, at the end they were just swimming next to us. It was magic to see these amazing animals in their natural environment. We enjoyed a lot, I didn’t want to leave them but we had to.
I keep a nice memory of this day, Jet Ski & dolphins at the same time, perfection.