Why you Should Start your Solo Trip (even as a Female)

Lots of young independent women share the dream to travel the world or a part of it on their own. Experiencing an adventurous or relaxing time and just follow your own will and your instincts seems just perfect. Sounds easy done, right?  The majority of solo female travelers will also affirm that it isn’t a big deal to do it. But still- to do it the first time, travel alone as a female, often carries a lot of doubts. There are always people of your family or friends who will tell you that it’s not truly safe to do it as a woman, that you will feel homesick all alone or that it’ll be just boring.

If you feel nevertheless the wish to go abroad on your own, here are some reasons which support your wish. They’ll clearly convince you to dare to do it!


  • You are never really alone

Traveling solo doesn’t actually mean that you will be alone during your trip, the opposite is the case. It’s much easier for solo travelers to meet new people than it is for couples or bigger groups! Solo traveling is getting more and more popular, as a consequence there are a lot of young people (also a lot of girls!) out there who are also happy to meet new people on their trips.


  • You are your own boss

Traveling with friends is of course a great thing, but everyone who did it knows that there are always situations where you have to make compromises. This is totally different as a solo traveler, you can travel how it fits to your personality and your personal beliefs. If you belong to the people who plan their trips carefully and strictly do it like this, if you are more like seeing spontaneously where life takes you, no problem! Do whatever you want whenever you want. Be as flexible as YOU want it!


  • Learn more about yourself

To be honest, we are almost always surrounded by people, at work, at university, with our family and friends. It’s important and can be very delightful to spend some time alone only with yourself and explore, what are the things that make you special, what are the things that really YOU want and not everyone around you.


  • Gain confidence and strength

Of course there will be situations which won’t be easy and which will challenge you in some way. But if you solved a problem on your own, your confidence and believe in yourself will rise extremely and this is one of the best feelings ever! When you are back home in your comfort zone you’ll not be the same person as before. You’ll be more yourself than ever with a wider horizon and more self-consciousness!


Long story short: If you feel like traveling solo don’t hesitate to do it and plan your trip! It will be a great and delightful experience. 🙂



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