Slovak mountains trip with five friends

One day, we went on a trip in slovak mountains “Tatras” with five friends in winter. We booked the hostel “The Ginger Monkey”for the week end. It was basically in the middle of nowhere. We did not know what to expect. The day we arrived we met amazing people from different countries (USA, England, Italy, France, Sweden, Autralia..) We had a great time since the first day. So we decided to go out in a nice and big club not far from the hostel. But we had a problem:  not everyone had something to wear to go to the party.

So we had the best idea ever: go in the club wearing those ski suits from the 90’s (all flash color, green, pink and blue) that they let at the hostel for the hosts. When we arrived, everyone in the club were surprised to see a bunch of goofy foreign people in color ski suits coming. But they even let us come in the club !!

It was really funny, and the vibes were so good in the hostel. So we stayed six days instead of two. We even joined people we met at the ginger monkey in different countries then, who became good friends.

Funny how a little week end in the middle of nowhere turned to be an amazing trip full of great memories!



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