Shitty stuff before your holidays start

Holidays in Tunisia!

During my summer holidays of 2014, with a friend we wanted to go in holidays together. But because of work we were never able to find a moment when the two of us were free.

One day, we managed to be available at the same time. So I booked a flight with an all-inclusive hotel in Djerba for the next day.

We quickly prepared our suitcases and left on the morning for the Lyon airport. I don’t know how we manage to miss the motorway exit but we did, moreover we were almost out of gas…

We were late, and almost break down, so stressful. Luckily; we found a gas station just on time.
We finally arrived at the airport, we were really afraid to miss our plane (of course we didn’t take any insurance so if we couldn’t leave we would also lose 400euros).

After running across the airport, we arrived like 5 minutes before the closing of the gates to the baggage registration area. The woman told us that there was a problem with our flight tickets and she didn’t know if we would be able to take the plane.

While my friend and I were almost crying, the woman was calling her responsible to speak about our case.
They finally allowed us to board. We ran so much to get the plane and were so relieved to be inside ready to go!

But… because of a storm in Lyon we stayed blocked one hour in the plane.
Then we took off and arrived finally in Djerba 😀
BUT, everyone at the airport were expected by Tunisian people to lead them to their bus, direction the hotels.
Everyone…except us. No bus for Sasha & Mathilde!

How did we go to the hotel? We had to take a taxi! It was scary because the traffic rules are really different than in France… No belt, no priority and no speed limit!

Anyway, we arrived alive to our hotel. At the beginning we thought “the week start so bad, it will be shitty holidays”.

But in the end we spend an amazing week in a nice hotel, I think its name was Cedriana, perfect atmosphere.
And we enjoyed a lot Djerba, which is very beautiful. Nice memories, even the unsuccessful beginning 😉