Lost in Nepal

nepal trip

Nepal at night

I arrived at 02: 00 am in Kathmandu in Nepal. Some students in the airplane told me already to be aware outside the airport with all the Transport offers you get, and making a good deal before entering the car. With my sleepy face, I got attacked as soon I got out of the airport. All the young guys were offering different prices. I was so tired and decided to go with two strangers.

I told them to take me to the Annapurna Lodge, a really cheap hostel in the middle of Kathmandu. They told me that i couldn’t reach it by car, but somewhere nearby. So they left me in some square…  And of course they tried  to get more money than they told me before. I didn’t wanted to discuss so i gave them the money and i left the car. It was so dark, and quiet! There was nobody in the streets, and it was really scary to walk through there. My heart was beating so fast, when I saw some boys making fire, I just kept on walking. There was nothing open to ask the way to this hostel! I was very scared, until I arrived to a square with some light, and found an old man, who told me the right way.

Finally I found the hostel, and I went to sleep.



My advice for all the travelers who go to any country, try to take an early plane before the afternoon, when it´s still daylight, and everything is much easier to organize!


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