Robbed at the Beach!

Beach at night

In the year 2010 two friends and I were on holiday in Calella, Spain. We had a really great time together. We went in different clubs every day, relaxed at the beach, went shopping – it seemed that this would be a perfect holiday!

But one night changed our perfect little world. We decided to go to a foam party and this was really funny. We were dancing all night long till our feet hurt.

So we decided to go to the beach for cooling down! We undressed our clothes, put our handbag in the sand and just jumped into the sea! Actually sounds like a great idea – right?

But when we went out of the sea there was a rude awakening: We lost my handbag! First we thought maybe we’re searching at the wrong place, it was dark of course. So we let our other things lay in the sand and started to search… When we came back we lost the second handbag. Because of our naive behavior both of our handbags were stolen! Of course we had our passports in them…

We had to took our flight back in two days, so we had to decide what to do. We went to the police, obviously it didn’t help us. So we were talking with our airline and they told us without passport they won’t let us fly. You thought things could not get worse?

We had to go to the German consulate in Barcelona, and so we did. I was already 18 years old, so everything went well, I got my temporary passport. But my friends were only 17 years old so the parents had to express their consent.

Actually this shouldn’t be a problem.. but the parents of one friend were on holiday and took off their phone for their whole stay! We started to get really desperate and didn’t know what to do..

But lucky us – the father of my other friend is an police officer in Germany and so he finally could handle it!

We took our flight back and everything went well! Of course we learned from it!


So my advice for you is: take care of your handbag!