Returning to my native lands (my birth roots)

My return to my birth roots in Vietnam

I decided to travel to Vietnam as gratifying and well deserved reward. This was amazing and unique opportunity for me, to be able to see my roots and long lost culture 22 years later. By seeing this country with my own eyes on I saw the true beauty and extravaganza of Vietnam.

Discovering the country allowed me to see the past and legacy of my culture, by its temples, statues,…

My journey started from the political capital of Vietnam: Hanoi. I discover its temples, pagodas and local markets.
Seeing the colours and flavours of the Vietnamese culture (buildings and food), allowed me to se the Asian vision.

A few days later, I went to the middle of the country by traveling to Halong. I had the chance to sleep in one of the traditional Jonque. Once arrived in the centre of the bay, locals told me the legend of dragon guarding the bay against any intruders a long time ago…

Next I came in the middle of the country at Danang. I discovered the local museum of ethnography regrouping all the traditional village clothes, tools etc. Later I went to see the traditional cuisine in the local market and had the chance to ride on elephants. It was fabulous!!

After that, I went to visit the Imperial palace of Hué where I was a amazed of the size of it.

Finally I ended going South in the economical capital: Ho Chi Minh Ville, where there are a lot of remains from the colonialist past such as symbolic buildings that are beautifully well built.