Montenegro : amazing trip with my friends

Unexpected destination!

My boyfriend, his best friend and I, decided to leave for a road trip.
Once we were in a hostel in Albania, and we decided our next step would be Dubrovnik, Croatia.

We booked the hostel there. After having walked (a long time) we finally found a bus company. It was closed. So, we came back in the afternoon. The guy booked us a bus for the next day, perfect. He was supposed to call us to confirm

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Watch out what you wish in Thailand…

My journey into Thailand

During my first long stop in Bangkok I brought a friend with me. After a long flight we arrived and we were so shocked by the chaos and bustle in Bangkok and we wanted to escape right away to a tropical island.

When we arrived at the hotel the receptionist was able to arrange a taxi to Kho Samed for us. One advice: never take a taxi at the reception in a 4 star hotel. In the end it turned out that

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Christmas in London and no Public Transport :(

Travel in London for Christmas!

I was living in Paris for 6 months when one of my best friends invited me to spend the Christmas with her cousin and some friends in London. Of course I said yes. I didn’t have much time to think, it was just the week before Christmas and I had no plans. And I was so excited about going to London for the first time with my best friend. What a better occasion to be there, right?

The city is

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School trip in London without wallet

Shity day

When i was travelling to Oxford in 2006. I was fifteen years old. It was winter, and was my first alone trip, without my parents. I went study English with among others fifty teenagers and young adults. On day day I woke up scarred. Looked to the watch, and it was 8:30 am. I needed to be at 8:30 at my school to a trip to London. I pick up my clothes and ran away to the bus stop. When I got there

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Lost in Nepal

nepal trip

Nepal at night

I arrived at 02: 00 am in Kathmandu in Nepal. Some students in the airplane told me already to be aware outside the airport with all the Transport offers you get, and making a good deal before entering the car. With my sleepy face, I got attacked as soon I got out of the airport. All the young guys were offering different prices. I was so tired and decided to go with two strangers.

I told them to

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