Check your shirt before you wear it!

One Saturday I went to Barcelona with my flatmates to join the painting festival “HOLI BARCELONA”. The festival was amazing: good music, fun and a lot of color.

After the festival we were so full with colors that we decided to go to the beach to have a wash. After a while we were getting hungry, but there was one problem: It was impossible to go to a restaurant with our dirty clothes from

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Dancing with sweet Chinese people

A morning, with a friend we decided to go walking while the others were still asleep. The night before we had a party all night but we could not sleep. It had been only a few days that we had arrived in China and we really want to discover this country, its culture and people here.

We passed close to a big stadium and we heard a song. So we search, and it was incredible, we found almost 100 chinese

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When my brother improvised fireman

Last year (2015), I did an Erasmus in Bratislava, Slovakia. My brother and a friend came to visit me during one week. One night we went to a club. In Bratislava, you can smoke almost everywhere: in the clubs, bars, restaurants… We were in this club, at the bar, and a guy was stand next to us. He had an afro hair style from the 70’s, and suddenly his hair just caught on fire next

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Summer 2014, I went one week in holidays in Djerba (Tunisia) with a friend. When we arrived to our hotel, we’ve met a guy who was in charge of many activities on the island. We’ve booked one different activity for each day: horse riding, buoy pulled by a boat, Jet Ski …

One morning, we arrived at the beach for the Jet Ski activity, we were so excited, it was our first time. In Tunisia it is

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Discovering of Vietnam Culture with locals

My precious Vietnam

After a short flight with Singapore airlines to Ho Chi Min City, I finally arrived. I was impressed about this country still being communist after all these years.

I visited an amazing network of tunnels that are over 250 kilometers long. It gave a unique experience and a feeling of how was the underground life during the war. After crawling into some tunnels, later the guide explained to me about

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Films shot in Thailand : I feel like a james bond girl

Thailand through films

After leaving Nepal, I went to Bangkok, even If I had already been to Thailand before. It is always great to go back to this beautiful country. This time I just wanted to stay a few days to relax and to visit all this islands where some famous films were made.

I went to the island of  Koh Phi Phi islands, well-known from the famous movie

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