A night with friends in a lonely paradise

When I was in Colombia to do an internship, me and the other interns traveled every weekend to discover the country. One weekend we wanted to go to the national park Tayrona at the Caribbean cost. From our Colombian friends we’ve heard that it was really beautiful there, like paradise.
Unfortunately we didn’t consider that this was the Semana Santa, the week of Easter holidays. So there were also a lot of Colombians who  had free and traveled. As we arrived at Tayrona Park on this Friday, the stuff told us that we couldn’t get in because it was already full. I was so upset because this was the place that I most wanted to visit. So immediately we searched for a good solution and asked locals what to do. A man gave us the hint that there was a lonely beach very close and explained us the way.
As we arrived there the beauty of this place astonished us. There was a long white beach with palm trees along the turquoise water and the wild jungle in the background. Some steps further we found some men who wanted to rent us hammocks or tents to sleep for a night. Of course we chose the hammocks!
I can say that this was one of the best nights of my life so far. Spending the night only with your friends around a campfire under a clear starry sky, drinking beer and sleeping in hammocks at a paradisiacal beach… I swear, it was better than in all the movies!
The next days we spent in Tayrona Park like actually planned. But still, the first night was much more special and unique to me.

My advice when something goes wrong on your travel adventure: always remember that sometimes life happens while you’re making plans, so enjoy it! 🙂