Montenegro : amazing trip with my friends

Unexpected destination!

My boyfriend, his best friend and I, decided to leave for a road trip.
Once we were in a hostel in Albania, and we decided our next step would be Dubrovnik, Croatia.

We booked the hostel there. After having walked (a long time) we finally found a bus company. It was closed. So, we came back in the afternoon. The guy booked us a bus for the next day, perfect. He was supposed to call us to confirm the departure time of the bus. But instead of that he told us he got the wrong date! Our bus was “not leaving tomorrow but next week… Sorry!”.

Came back to our hostel, we didn’t know what to do and where to go. Impossible to find another solution to go to Croatia. We spoke with the responsible of our hostel. He told us Montenegro is a really nice country and that he knew a guy who was going there. So ok! Let’s go to Montenegro.

Here we go in a mini bus with 3 other pleasant travelers. I really didn’t know what to expect of this country and for me it was just a lost little country. In addition,  I thought we would stayed there only 2 days, just the time to find another place to go.

Finally, it was one of the most fabulous country I’ve ever been. We stayed there 5 days, met great people. We stayed in a lovely hostel with really welcoming people.(Montenegro hostel in Budva, if one day you plan to visit this country, I really recommend it).
In conclusion : troubles always have a good side 😉