School trip in London without wallet

Shity day

When i was travelling to Oxford in 2006. I was fifteen years old. It was winter, and was my first alone trip, without my parents. I went study English with among others fifty teenagers and young adults. On day day I woke up scarred. Looked to the watch, and it was 8:30 am. I needed to be at 8:30 at my school to a trip to London. I pick up my clothes and ran away to the bus stop. When I got there, it was 8:44, and the bus went there 8:43. In the weekends, the bus only arrives every 20 minutes. I picked up the next bus, and when I was close arriving at the school, I saw my bus and my friends going to London. I freaked out.

When I arrived at my school, everything was closed. I saw a public telephone, so I called my 40’ish staff of the crew, and she said to me: “Go to the city center and pick a bus Oxford-London and meet me at the Madame Tussaud.” So I went to the city and done it.

Two hours later, I was in London. When I was looking for a taxi/cab, I needed to look for my wallet, to look for the staff cellphone. I put my hands on the pockets, and I couldn’t found it. So, I was alone, without money, without nothing, in the middle of London. Finally, I could find a taxi driver who helped me arriving at the Madame Tussaud, and finishing my “adventure”. But the day was not over. The staff said to me: “Everybody is inside, and you have only 5 minutes to see everything”. So I ran into the museum, took a lot of pictures, and I saw everything in 5 minutes, in a rush, more fast than Usain Bolt.

When we got back to Oxford, me and my staff needed to get to the police to know what happened with my wallet . We went to the police station, and when we arrived, it was closed. We started to laugh because it’s funny a police station closed early in the evening at a Sunday. Totally different from Brazil, when I came from. But, on Monday morning, the school started to call the police and the bus station to report the missing wallet.

A week later, they found the wallet, with everything inside, including credit card and money (20 pounds). So I went to the police station inside the bus station and recovery the wallet. On the way back to the bus stop to go back home, I saw a Queen’s cover band concert in 2 days ahead. I went to the that theater to buy tickets, and what was the price of the ticket? 15 pounds. So I could buy that ticket and went back home happy as hell.


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