Kind people in Japan

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Japan was a beautiful country with such nice people. When I arrived at the airport my phone didn’t work, so I was a bit lost. Immediately a man came to me and gave me his one! It was amazing; in Europe they don’t even care about strangers!

I started my journey in Tokyo. Thanks to two Japanese girls that I met in Nepal, I could see everything in one day; it was an amazing city. Despite a lot of people in the city everything was well organized. Then we went to the best temple; Senso-ji. It was really worth seeing. I did the same things as the girls told me to do. Get some lucky papers with some nice texts about life, buy some incense, and to put them in a pot and wave with my hands as hard as I could.

Before waving the steam I had to make some wishes, because the Japanese say that this will bring you a lot of luck in life. And guess what, all wishes came true!! I waved and wished like crazy to get all my wishes granted …. Of course you don’t get them all at the same moment, but I always believe in these specials spiritual things!

The next day I went by myself walking through Tokyo, but I couldn’t find a street, so I went to a bar to ask for directions. The waitress was explaining everything, so I went on. After 10 minutes I heard a person running after me who arrived exhausted. It was the waitress from the bar, just telling me, that she was confused with one street… Oh my god, I was so surprised about here friendly attitude, and she explained to me that this is normal in their culture, they must always be polite with everybody, and help each other whenever somebody needs help!!

Japan is quiet expensive,especially if you go as a student. For this reason I took night buses to go into different cities without paying hotels or hostels. That was an easy way to organize myself, but it was really heavy because I couldn’t sleep in a bus, but it was more than worth it.

I visited in 3 days; Kyoto a beautiful city with temples, old castles and experienced a lot of cultural practices. There you could find the famous Geisha district of Gion, where are old wooden townhouses. I felt like being in a movie, with all the geishas around. Next Osaka, the second largest city after Tokyo, where there is a lot to do and to see, a really lively city, with a lot of bars, restaurants and shops.

Then Yokohama which is a town next to Tokyo, with a lot of high buildings, and the biggest China Town in Japan. I recommend you going inside the Yokohama Landmark tower, which is the highest building of Japan, where you will have amazing views of the city.