In love with the memories I make

Just some random days in Colombia.

For my graduate internship I moved to Bogotá, Colombia. My colleague asked me to come with him and ‘some other people’ from work to a small town in the mountains. A weekend to the ‘unknown’, with only Spanish speaking people (at that time my Spanish wasn’t that good).

Saturday 5:00: the alarm goes off. No idea where and what I’m going to do. I couldn’t even be afraid of the unknown, I could only worry about which bus, which direction and which stop I needed to take. The bus arrived and I just took a seat with the thought; how (the ***) do I know where I need to step out.

I joined  my colleagues and we arrived at a small town called: Chiquinquirá. I thought it was the final destination, but then three small Jeeps arrived. Late afternoon we arrived at the final destination: Coper. The motorbikes and Jeeps drove to a small camping. A dream destination, mountain view, a small lake, a hammock and a small wooden house.

The next day

We had breakfast in the town and I found out that they still use animals to bring the food to the camping. This time they used a cow. Big bags of food where hanging around it.
The next morning was shocking. WTF. The same cow that I had seen the day before was this day (the last day of the trip) hanging in a tree. I walked a bit further and couldn’t believe it. I saw its skin, head, feet. In the middle of the camping. All the kids were playing around. The day started and I was hungry. Finally, the breakfast arrived. It was the liver of the cow. Served in palm tree leaves.

I couldn’t eat that early morning so I started to walk close to the lake. I found all kinds of tropical fruits, banana trees, cacao and even coffee beans. (A perfect breakfast instead of the cow :))

For the dinner the same! They seriously took every piece of the cow to make food. They used the bones for the soup, the meat for the BBQ. No knifes or forks, just your fingers to eat it. The blood was dripping out and everybody was sitting on the grass in the dark. I had no clue if my meat was raw or well cooked. But I was hungry and had no other options! It was a great evening with falling stars, great people and (good?) fresh food!

The next morning the Jeeps drove us back to the other city where the touring car was waiting for us. An unexpected weekend became a dream experience and got a lot of beautiful memories.

Good to know when you go to Colombia

  • The people in the village grow everything by themselves. There are outdoor rugs where cocoa and coffee beans are drying.
  • They only stay in the village. It is about each other, family, life and survival. Money is not important to them.
  • Pets help to survive, and if they are not good enough anymore, we just eat them anyway. ‘:)’
  • Whole families move with one engine. Mom, Dad and children on one motorcycle, without a helmet, of course. Even the police do not wear helmets.
  • The men here wear white nail polish. Almost all men have well groomed nails.
  • Think of the fact that services are so cheap, every morning you just go to the hairdresser to wash your hair.

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