TAXI troubles in Barcelona!

Hey Taxi!

During my internship in Barcelona, on a Saturday night:

We began the night in a little flat with students from all over the world (Brazilian, Italian, French, Polish…). The perfect way for me to begin the party: my friends, new people to meet, good music, good drinks. At 2 a.m. we decided to go to the club. We took a taxi. In mine, we are 7 (6 students and the driver). It was a short but a cool journey: we danced, we sang (really bad). First of all I thought: “Poor driver, alone with 6 drunk people!”. But i didn’t think this for a long time…

Once arrived at the club, the total cost written in the taxi was 9€ (regular price). And suddenly, we didn’t understand why, the driver added extra for each people in the car. At the end we had to pay almost 20€. Of course, we complained: “Are you kidding me? Seriously? 20€? It’s a joke? ” Can you count again please? “. But during our accusations, the price continued to increase. Nobody had money, and I didn’t want to pay more and more. So finally I gave my 20€. I felt conned.

When we were in the club I asked to the others: How many did you pay the taxi?
Their answer: 7€

Fuck*** Taxi!!! !!! !!!



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