Experiences in Hawaii and San Francisco

In the USA you can visit a lot of cities. I will share my experiences with you and give you some advices what you definitely should visit!

Once I arrived in the airport of Honolulu, Hawaii I asked some students what to do on this famous island. They told me that I have to go to the North because there you can see 20 meters amazing waves … and so I did. I took a public bus to go to the North of Waimea Bay and watched all these great surfers in the sea.

To get a better idea of the island I decided to take public buses all over the island. Of course you must see Waikiki Beach, one of the most famous beaches of Hawaii! But in my opinion it is really not the best one. There are so many beautiful beaches and bays all over the island. Just go and explore!

After a few days relaxing on this island I went to visit my last destination San Francisco, a completely different city! Here everything is exactly like in the movies. You can see the old trams driving through the city, steep streets and nice people. One must see place is Alcatraz which is famous for its movie! To get there you need to take a boat to the island. There you can visit this old jail and be impressed about how three prisoners managed to escape from this island.

Besides visiting the famous Golden Gate Bridge it’s also great to walk in the streets watching the beautiful houses. If you have a good physical condition you can go up to walk on the “Bradford Street”. This is the steepest street in the world but on the top you will have an amazing view which is totally worth the muscle ache the next day.


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