Dancing with sweet Chinese people

A morning, with a friend we decided to go walking while the others were still asleep. The night before we had a party all night but we could not sleep. It had been only a few days that we had arrived in China and we really want to discover this country, its culture and people here.

We passed close to a big stadium and we heard a song. So we search, and it was incredible, we found almost 100 chinese people singing traditional music and dancing. We wanted to watch them without disturbing them and without seeing us.
There was parking in height. We thought about the fact that we would see better from above so quietly we went to watch, take pictures and video memories.

We were the only strangers and they immediately saw us.

They welcomed us and despite the fact that we didn’t speak the same language we have integrated their group and they tried to teach us their Chinese song.

After singing, it was time to dance. Everybody wanted to dance with us, so during 1hour we never stopped ! It was so funny.

At the end, we saw that everyone had brought a snack with Chinese specialties.
They insisted so much to share their specialties with us. They were so proud of their food, we couldn’t refuse. It was very good !

It was really a magic and unique moment of privacy.
I will never forget them, and their generosity.




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