Colombian Caribbean Coast

Thinking of the Caribbean the first destinations that come into your mind are usually the Dominican Republic and Curacao. Have you ever thought of Colombia? I guess not.

This you should change, Colombia is becoming more and more attractive for travelers at the moment; it is getting safer and safer every year. Furthermore it has beautiful landscapes and beaches to offer, it’s cheap and still not as touristic as for example Costa Rica or Panama.

I’m really passionate about beaches, so I immediately fell in love with the Caribbean Cost of Colombia. Here I will share with you my personal top 3 destinations:

  • Cartagena de Indias

Cartagena belongs to one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever been to. Although it is nowadays a big city of around 1 Million inhabitants, when you are in the old town it still feels like you are in a little fishermen’s village of colonial times. Colorful houses, palm trees, beautiful flowers on balconies and local people who sell awesome tasting fruits are the things that create a great tropical atmosphere.

  • Tayrona National Park

Are you into white beaches with turquoise crystal clear water next to the jungle like I am? Then you really should visit the Tayrona National Park next to Santa Marta. There you’ve got the opportunity to hike through a beautiful jungle. You can see a lot of beautiful butterflies and if you are lucky some monkeys in their natural living environment. When you reach the beaches you will feel like in a little tropical paradise, this I can promise you! For me the best of all is that you’ve got the possibility to sleep right next to the beach in hammocks; of course there are also tents and hotels. But sleeping in hammocks at a beautiful beach was one of the most beautiful experiences ever in my life!

  • San Andres and Providencia

San Andres and Providencia are little islands near to Nicaragua, but officially belong to Colombia. There are two ways to go there; by boat starting from Cartagena, or by plane departing from Cartagena, Barranquilla or Bogotá. The local people on these islands speak English and are always very relaxed and cool, I really loved this eased aura they have. San Andres and Providencia are great places to enjoy tropical beaches with crystal clear water, to go hiking and especially popular among divers and snorkelers. A little hint: I liked Providencia a little more than San Andres, the landscape is really beautiful!


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