Check your shirt before you wear it!

One Saturday I went to Barcelona with my flatmates to join the painting festival “HOLI BARCELONA”. The festival was amazing: good music, fun and a lot of color.

After the festival we were so full with colors that we decided to go to the beach to have a wash.
After a while we were getting hungry, but there was one problem: It was impossible to go to a restaurant with our dirty clothes from the festival. So we walk around Barcelona and searched for new dresses. Unfortunately, I was the only one (of course), who didn´t find any nice dress.

Soon, I was so hungry that I didn´t care of my look anymore. I just put a shirt on from “I survived Barcelona”, which a party promoter gave to us when we were lying at the beach. Straight after solving the problem with our clothes, we went to “Placa Reial” to find a restaurant. After checking and passing all restaurants, we finally made a decision.

I directly went to the bathroom with one flatmate  to wash my hands.
On the way a waiter asked me if I could turn around so he could take a look at the back of my shirt.
I thought there was just the logo of the organization printed, so I turned around with a smile to let him read. But his reaction confused me. He started laughing and said “Ah you´re right!”. That was the moment I realized, that there wasn´t just a logo on my back. So I asked my flatmate to check my back ( in the hurry they just checked the front).

She started laughing sooo much that she had to sit down on the stairs.
Instead of the expected advertising there was the slogan: “KEEP THE STREETS CLEAN AND THE SEX DIRTY”. When I realized this I started laughing out so loud with my flatmate that everyone was looking at us. We run back to the bathroom, laughed and started to think about a plan to handle this embarrassing situation.

Our plan: one of my flatemates always had to walk so close behind me that no one could read the slogan. But our plan failed. Of course everyone saw my shirt and made jokes about me like “ Enjoy your life” or recommended a shot called “sex”. Today, we can just laugh about this day but back then I just wanted to change my shirt.
Finally my advice to you: Check your shirt before you wear it 😉

Thanks “I survived Barcelona” for this embarrassing and unforgettable moment in my life! 😀