Asian people in the USA

Asian people Usa

My boyfriend and I made a round trip in the USA. We stayed all in all one month and traveled from the east coast to the west coast and at last to Miami.

So we started our journey in New York and realized even after the first week that we saw more Asian people than Americans. But not the typical Asian ones who lived there, but the touristic ones with the umbrella on the top, the camera on the neck

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Slovak mountains trip with five friends

One day, we went on a trip in slovak mountains “Tatras” with five friends in winter. We booked the hostel “The Ginger Monkey”for the week end. It was basically in the middle of nowhere. We did not know what to expect. The day we arrived we met amazing people from different countries (USA, England, Italy, France

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When my brother improvised fireman

Last year (2015), I did an Erasmus in Bratislava, Slovakia. My brother and a friend came to visit me during one week. One night we went to a club. In Bratislava, you can smoke almost everywhere: in the clubs, bars, restaurants… We were in this club, at the bar, and a guy was stand next to us. He had an afro hair style from the 70’s, and suddenly his hair just caught on fire next

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Christmas in London and no Public Transport :(

Travel in London for Christmas!

I was living in Paris for 6 months when one of my best friends invited me to spend the Christmas with her cousin and some friends in London. Of course I said yes. I didn’t have much time to think, it was just the week before Christmas and I had no plans. And I was so excited about going to London for the first time with my best friend. What a better occasion to be there, right?

The city is

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In love with the memories I make

Just some random days in Colombia.

For my graduate internship I moved to Bogotá, Colombia. My colleague asked me to come with him and ‘some other people’ from work to a small town in the mountains. A weekend to the ‘unknown’, with only Spanish speaking people (at that time my Spanish wasn’t that good).

Saturday 5:00: the alarm goes off. No idea where and what I’m going to do. I couldn’t even be afraid of the unknown

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