Unforgettable Christmas

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My Christmas in Indonesia

I already went to Indonesia during my 1st trip around the world, because I met a great family. So I wanted to stop by to celebrate Christmas with them and now I want to share on the travel blog.

I grew up like atheism, after many years talking with people, from different cultures and countries. I was really interested in seeing the different kinds of religions. This family was Christian, so after

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Working in a Winter Wonderland – CANADA!

Traveling is not only about the places you see – more about the people you meet!

I spent 5 months in a Skiresort in Canada to fulfil my childhood dream and live in the Rocky Mountains. With two jobs to pay my rent and save some money for further travels it was quite hard sometimes but totally worth it. I got the season pass for the Skiresort and where able to go snowboarding 5 months for free

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Dancing with sweet Chinese people

A morning, with a friend we decided to go walking while the others were still asleep. The night before we had a party all night but we could not sleep. It had been only a few days that we had arrived in China and we really want to discover this country, its culture and people here.

We passed close to a big stadium and we heard a song. So we search, and it was incredible, we found almost 100 chinese

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Summer 2014, I went one week in holidays in Djerba (Tunisia) with a friend. When we arrived to our hotel, we’ve met a guy who was in charge of many activities on the island. We’ve booked one different activity for each day: horse riding, buoy pulled by a boat, Jet Ski …

One morning, we arrived at the beach for the Jet Ski activity, we were so excited, it was our first time. In Tunisia it is

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My adventure With kenyan people in Africa

Discover new culture in Africa

Back in 2001 when I traveled to Africa for the first time. It was in Kenya on holiday with my family. We wanted to explore new horizons. As far as I remember, the safari for me was one my best experience. Seeing all the beautiful landscapes and animals like rhinoceros, hippopotamus, elephants, roaming free in the wild.

After travelling through the savanna and bush sightseeing for animals, my next

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