What it’s like to volunteer in a school in Colombia

During my semester break this February I went to Barranquilla, Colombia to volunteer in a school/”colegio” as an English teacher.  Before I took my flight I was quite nervous. This experience should be the first time for me to be somewhere out of Europe. Furthermore my knowledge of Spanish at this time was really basic. That’s why I was a bit scared not to get along there.

The children

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Great hiking experience in Croatia

Croatia isn’t a country that pops in to your mind when you’re planning a trip, at least it didn’t with me. My friend went there a couple of times and said to me it was great country with beautiful nature and lovely weather.

So I decided to go! And I can tell you it was amazing. One day I went to Omis, a little town next to Split. I’ve heard of a fortress on a mountain you can visit. It is

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Discovering of Vietnam Culture with locals

My precious Vietnam

After a short flight with Singapore airlines to Ho Chi Min City, I finally arrived. I was impressed about this country still being communist after all these years.

I visited an amazing network of tunnels that are over 250 kilometers long. It gave a unique experience and a feeling of how was the underground life during the war. After crawling into some tunnels, later the guide explained to me about

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Returning to my native lands (my birth roots)

My return to my birth roots in Vietnam

I decided to travel to Vietnam as gratifying and well deserved reward. This was amazing and unique opportunity for me, to be able to see my roots and long lost culture 22 years later. By seeing this country with my own eyes on I saw the true beauty and extravaganza of Vietnam.

Discovering the country allowed me to see the past and legacy of my culture, by its temples, statues,…

My journey started

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Singing in the rain, just singing in the rain!

Finding Neverland Meme summer netherlands

Dutch weather (rain) according to a South American, the struggle is real!

September 2012 I went to the Netherlands, the country I chose to do my Studies. Coming from Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, I wanted to go to a very different country than mine, and let me tell you, I think I could not have chosen a better country with this objective. It seems that Dutch and Brazilians are in opposite sides of the “cultural spectrum”. I decided to move there without ever having put

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