Experiences in Hawaii and San Francisco

In the USA you can visit a lot of cities. I will share my experiences with you and give you some advices what you definitely should visit!

Once I arrived in the airport of Honolulu, Hawaii I asked some students what to do on this famous island. They told me that I have to go to the North because there you can see 20 meters amazing waves … and so I did. I took a public bus to go to the North of

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Kind people in Japan

The travel blog Japan

Japan was a beautiful country with such nice people. When I arrived at the airport my phone didn’t work, so I was a bit lost. Immediately a man came to me and gave me his one! It was amazing; in Europe they don’t even care about strangers!

I started my journey in Tokyo. Thanks to two Japanese girls that I met in Nepal

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Never follow the yellow arrows to Montserrat

On Sunday my flat-mates and me went to Montserrat. We wanted to visit the monasteries up on the mountain. We were highly motivated, therefor we didn’t use the “Cremallera” and wanted to climb up the mountain by ourselves – easier said than done.

Unfortunately we didn’t know exactly where we have to start and the tourist information didn’t really help us, they just told us it’s better

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A night with friends in a lonely paradise

When I was in Colombia to do an internship, me and the other interns traveled every weekend to discover the country. One weekend we wanted to go to the national park Tayrona at the Caribbean cost. From our Colombian friends we’ve heard that it was really beautiful there, like paradise. Unfortunately we didn’t consider that this was the Semana Santa, the week of Easter holidays. So

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Films shot in Thailand : I feel like a james bond girl

Thailand through films

After leaving Nepal, I went to Bangkok, even If I had already been to Thailand before. It is always great to go back to this beautiful country. This time I just wanted to stay a few days to relax and to visit all this islands where some famous films were made.

I went to the island of  Koh Phi Phi islands, well-known from the famous movie

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Montenegro : amazing trip with my friends

Unexpected destination!

My boyfriend, his best friend and I, decided to leave for a road trip.
Once we were in a hostel in Albania, and we decided our next step would be Dubrovnik, Croatia.

We booked the hostel there. After having walked (a long time) we finally found a bus company. It was closed. So, we came back in the afternoon. The guy booked us a bus for the next day, perfect. He was supposed to call us to confirm

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