Robbed at the Beach!

Beach at night

In the year 2010 two friends and I were on holiday in Calella, Spain. We had a really great time together. We went in different clubs every day, relaxed at the beach, went shopping – it seemed that this would be a perfect holiday!

But one night changed our perfect little world. We decided to go to a foam party and this was really funny. We were dancing all night long till our feet

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Shitty stuff before your holidays start

Holidays in Tunisia!

During my summer holidays of 2014, with a friend we wanted to go in holidays together. But because of work we were never able to find a moment when the two of us were free.

One day, we managed to be available at the same time. So I booked a flight with an all-inclusive hotel in Djerba for the next day.

We quickly prepared our suitcases and left on the morning for the Lyon airport

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Lost in Nepal

nepal trip

Nepal at night

I arrived at 02: 00 am in Kathmandu in Nepal. Some students in the airplane told me already to be aware outside the airport with all the Transport offers you get, and making a good deal before entering the car. With my sleepy face, I got attacked as soon I got out of the airport. All the young guys were offering different prices. I was so tired and decided to go with two strangers.

I told them to

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TAXI troubles in Barcelona!

Hey Taxi!

During my internship in Barcelona, on a Saturday night:

We began the night in a little flat with students from all over the world (Brazilian, Italian, French, Polish…). The perfect way for me to begin the party: my friends, new people to meet, good music, good drinks. At 2 a.m. we decided to go to the club. We took a taxi. In mine, we are 7 (6 students and the driver). It was a short but a cool

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