Great hiking experience in Croatia

Croatia isn’t a country that pops in to your mind when you’re planning a trip, at least it didn’t with me. My friend went there a couple of times and said to me it was great country with beautiful nature and lovely weather.

So I decided to go! And I can tell you it was amazing. One day I went to Omis, a little town next to Split. I’ve heard of a fortress on a mountain you can visit. It is

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Never follow the yellow arrows to Montserrat

On Sunday my flat-mates and me went to Montserrat. We wanted to visit the monasteries up on the mountain. We were highly motivated, therefor we didn’t use the “Cremallera” and wanted to climb up the mountain by ourselves – easier said than done.

Unfortunately we didn’t know exactly where we have to start and the tourist information didn’t really help us, they just told us it’s better

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Robbed at the Beach!

Beach at night

In the year 2010 two friends and I were on holiday in Calella, Spain. We had a really great time together. We went in different clubs every day, relaxed at the beach, went shopping – it seemed that this would be a perfect holiday!

But one night changed our perfect little world. We decided to go to a foam party and this was really funny. We were dancing all night long till our feet

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Countries are different and meanings too…

Shisha time!

It was during my integration week-end. Through the afternoon we had a foam-party, it was amazing. After that, we took a shower and prepared us for the party at night. Around 9 p.m. we began drinking with my friends and our neighbor (They were coming from different countries) proposed to smoke shisha. Of course we agreed.

I spoke with a good-looking guy, and he began flirting with me. Unfortunately

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Slovak mountains trip with five friends

One day, we went on a trip in slovak mountains “Tatras” with five friends in winter. We booked the hostel “The Ginger Monkey”for the week end. It was basically in the middle of nowhere. We did not know what to expect. The day we arrived we met amazing people from different countries (USA, England, Italy, France

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Check your shirt before you wear it!

One Saturday I went to Barcelona with my flatmates to join the painting festival “HOLI BARCELONA”. The festival was amazing: good music, fun and a lot of color.

After the festival we were so full with colors that we decided to go to the beach to have a wash. After a while we were getting hungry, but there was one problem: It was impossible to go to a restaurant with our dirty clothes from

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