Kind people in Japan

The travel blog Japan

Japan was a beautiful country with such nice people. When I arrived at the airport my phone didn’t work, so I was a bit lost. Immediately a man came to me and gave me his one! It was amazing; in Europe they don’t even care about strangers!

I started my journey in Tokyo. Thanks to two Japanese girls that I met in Nepal

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Unforgettable Christmas

The travel blog indonesia

My Christmas in Indonesia

I already went to Indonesia during my 1st trip around the world, because I met a great family. So I wanted to stop by to celebrate Christmas with them and now I want to share on the travel blog.

I grew up like atheism, after many years talking with people, from different cultures and countries. I was really interested in seeing the different kinds of religions. This family was Christian, so after

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Dancing with sweet Chinese people

A morning, with a friend we decided to go walking while the others were still asleep. The night before we had a party all night but we could not sleep. It had been only a few days that we had arrived in China and we really want to discover this country, its culture and people here.

We passed close to a big stadium and we heard a song. So we search, and it was incredible, we found almost 100 chinese

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Discovering of Vietnam Culture with locals

My precious Vietnam

After a short flight with Singapore airlines to Ho Chi Min City, I finally arrived. I was impressed about this country still being communist after all these years.

I visited an amazing network of tunnels that are over 250 kilometers long. It gave a unique experience and a feeling of how was the underground life during the war. After crawling into some tunnels, later the guide explained to me about

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Films shot in Thailand : I feel like a james bond girl

Thailand through films

After leaving Nepal, I went to Bangkok, even If I had already been to Thailand before. It is always great to go back to this beautiful country. This time I just wanted to stay a few days to relax and to visit all this islands where some famous films were made.

I went to the island of  Koh Phi Phi islands, well-known from the famous movie

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Watch out what you wish in Thailand…

My journey into Thailand

During my first long stop in Bangkok I brought a friend with me. After a long flight we arrived and we were so shocked by the chaos and bustle in Bangkok and we wanted to escape right away to a tropical island.

When we arrived at the hotel the receptionist was able to arrange a taxi to Kho Samed for us. One advice: never take a taxi at the reception in a 4 star hotel. In the end it turned out that

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