Shitty stuff before your holidays start

Holidays in Tunisia!

During my summer holidays of 2014, with a friend we wanted to go in holidays together. But because of work we were never able to find a moment when the two of us were free.

One day, we managed to be available at the same time. So I booked a flight with an all-inclusive hotel in Djerba for the next day.

We quickly prepared our suitcases and left on the morning for the Lyon airport

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Summer 2014, I went one week in holidays in Djerba (Tunisia) with a friend. When we arrived to our hotel, we’ve met a guy who was in charge of many activities on the island. We’ve booked one different activity for each day: horse riding, buoy pulled by a boat, Jet Ski …

One morning, we arrived at the beach for the Jet Ski activity, we were so excited, it was our first time. In Tunisia it is

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My adventure With kenyan people in Africa

Discover new culture in Africa

Back in 2001 when I traveled to Africa for the first time. It was in Kenya on holiday with my family. We wanted to explore new horizons. As far as I remember, the safari for me was one my best experience. Seeing all the beautiful landscapes and animals like rhinoceros, hippopotamus, elephants, roaming free in the wild.

After travelling through the savanna and bush sightseeing for animals, my next

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