Asian people in the USA

Asian people Usa

My boyfriend and I made a round trip in the USA. We stayed all in all one month and traveled from the east coast to the west coast and at last to Miami.

So we started our journey in New York and realized even after the first week that we saw more Asian people than Americans. But not the typical Asian ones who lived there, but the touristic ones with the umbrella on the top, the camera on the neck and the huge city map in their hand. So after 3 weeks, it seemed like we were traveling with them (they were everywhere 😁).

From Miami we made a bus trip to Key West. So while driving a lady came through the bus and asked for what attractions we wanted to sign in when we arrived. She was like 30 minutes talking with an Asian woman in front of us.

We were joking that it is typical for her that it takes so long. Our gossip wasn’t very nice and unfortunately not quiet. At that moment we thought that we’re the only Germans in the bus – but we weren’t.

We arrived in Key West and before the bus driver dropped us off the woman turned around and said: “I wish you nice day guys” in German!!

It was very embarrassing 🙈

So for the next time- think stupid things to yourself😁



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