Unforgettable Christmas

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My Christmas in Indonesia

I already went to Indonesia during my 1st trip around the world, because I met a great family. So I wanted to stop by to celebrate Christmas with them and now I want to share on the travel blog.

I grew up like atheism, after many years talking with people, from different cultures and countries. I was really interested in seeing the different kinds of religions. This family was Christian, so after talking about their religion, I was excited to be baptized like a Christian. They talked with the priest from Church, and yes it was possible. On a really special day I got baptized. It was on Christmas day!

It was really happening! I thought to have some water over my head, but they put me in a white blanked, and I had to go in a little bath, together with the priest. He was talking and praying in Bahasa, so I didn’t understand anything. But as soon he had put me completely underwater. I understood everything, I came out and felt like really happy and I was crying at the same time!

After we went to celebrate together this important moment in the Hilton Bandung, where we had a great lunch with typical Indonesian food. Amazing Chrismas, with amazing people!

After spending some great days, I had to say goodbye to this wonderful family and then I took my plane to Vietnam.