Discovering of Vietnam Culture with locals

My precious Vietnam

After a short flight with Singapore airlines to Ho Chi Min City, I finally arrived. I was impressed about this country still being communist after all these years.

I visited an amazing network of tunnels that are over 250 kilometers long. It gave a unique experience and a feeling of how was the underground life during the war. After crawling into some tunnels, later the guide explained to me about the terrible war and its consequences.

Next day I went to My Tho, the Mekong River Delta, where you can take a sampan cruise along the tributaries of the Mekong River for a close-up view of the local life. It was great to visit some villages, especially to see how they live, and how friendly they were. They make a lot of hand craft. You can just go into their houses, they love seeing tourists.

After partying all night with some nice students that I met, I took a plane to Hanoi, where a Vietnamese friend (which I met in Thailand), waited for me to pick me up, so we could spend some days together. That was a great experience, because I could see the real Vietnamese lifestyle. 80 % of the Vietnamese population is Buddhist, where you can feel the good harmony in all the country.

Then my friend brought me to the wedding of one of his nieces, and I was so surprised, beside the fact that everything was done in a completely different way in which we are used to, but it seemed normal for outsiders to just come to the wedding. After, he showed me how the life of a farmer was in Vietnam, and how hard they must work for too, so that they were able to feed themselves. He showed me the amazing Cho Hom market, where you can find everything.